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Myra Maimoh


Myra Maimoh Releases New Song Titled “Dear Daddy”

Myra explores despair and hope and everything in between in this heartwarming song

Grand Rapids, Michigan: Singer, songwriter and entrepreneur, Myra Maimoh is proud to announce that she’ll be releasing her latest song “Dear Daddy,” through Motherland Cultural Connections on October 30, 2020. The song takes listeners on a euphoric journey of pain, love and hope. The song, which is very personal to Myra, is addressed to her father who had passed on, telling him of everything that has happened since he left the earth. Dear Daddy is a melodious ode to the peace of death and the hope of life. A story that reminds us that no matter the tough times we are passing through, we can always look forward in positive expectations. The first verse of the song focuses on the family, how they are happy and thriving. In this part, Myra goes “Your grand kids are growing” And follows with “They are happy they are soaring,” and melts our hearts with “Mummy is smiling, watching them achieving. Oh dear Daddy! Oh dear Daddy!”

On the second verse, Myra talks about the bad things that have been happening- the war in her home country Cameroon, and how it has made everywhere unsafe and taken the lives of loved ones as well. She cries, “Can you believe we are in war?” They burnt down a whole village. She also talks about the COVID 19 pandemic and the havoc it has caused all around the world. She tells him, “Wong veni kuvsini wong veni kuvsini.” which translates the world has changed, the world has changed. But she is happy he is safe in heaven “I'm shenri ma dzen ven nyuy.”

The song’s bridge brings a happy, upbeat and energetic mood that says no matter what is going on, life is worth living it to the fullest. “Ngen si dze si kuun. A ver ki mo kur shiliv”: “There is so much pestilence, but we know to persevere.””Viban vi dze nkokong. A ver Mum foa kongnin:” There is so much hatred, but we try to love in return.”

Recording the song Dear Daddy was a somber moment for Myra. She says “The idea was to tell dad that everyone is doing fine, that his family is alright and he need not worry in spite of all that’s going on. On the flip side, he has it “good” because he isn’t here to see how bad things are in the North West and South West. He wasn’t here to witness the killings and just how dangerous it is now living in our beautiful towns. I know that would break his heart just like it breaks ours. But i also wanted to tell him just how everyone is dealing with it. In these times of sickness, we are persevering and loving even when we are faced with hatred.” Myra’s message in this song is simple: life is hard but it is worth living. Therefore, we cannot afford to give up. We have to live one day at a time until we reach our goals because as long as we can breathe, we have hope for a better world for ourselves and the generations after. Having been on the music scene for over two decades, topping charts and winning awards along the way, Myra Maimoh has established herself as one of the industry’s gems. She is using her art form to expose African culture to the world. Her work takes shape from her past experiences, musical passion, and western cultural influences, which coalesce to form a portfolio of amazing tunes, and “Dear Daddy” is just another addition to her masterpieces.

About Myra Maimoh: Born in Cameroon, MI Myra Maimoh, who real name is Mirabel Umenei is a singer and songwriter who is on a mission to empower, uplift and encourage people through songs and words. Myra’s musical style is influenced by the like of legendary greats such as Miriam Makeba, Manu Dibango, Skeeter Davies, James Brown, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and many more.

Her love for her African cultural roots shines through in her music and lifestyle, which is why she founded the Motherland Cultural Connections and hosts the Motherland Cooking Xperience; a platform which allows immigrants with ties to Africa to showcase their talent, through food, music, art, and storytelling.

Myra Maimoh is a mother of 3 beautiful children and currently resides in the Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Visit her website to learn more about her at https://www.myramaimoh.com and follow her, listen and download her music across social platforms online like Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/myramaimoh, Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/myramaimoh and YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YwMl_8H-VSs&list=PLPqX5MKQzPTiPDyx2qgGeMd4hz67mirz3&index=2


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