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Tag Archives: Myra Maimoh SINGLE REVIEW: I Encourage You feat. Myra Maimoh (Ebenholz remix) by Vin

Vin Deca is a songwriter/composer as well as producer/mixer originally from Cameroon but now based in Germany. This particular song was originally released in 2011 as a contemporary pop song, but Vin Deca noted how it seemed to stay relevant and he decided to remix it in a modern style. After four doing remixes, he discovered the Ebenholz remix, this version, found most favour with radio stations.

The song begins with not so much an intro but a prelude to the verse, with a four to the floor beat starting straight away, a sense of tension created by the filtered vocal and whirling rising synth. The beat then drops out to just light percussion and we hear Myra Maimoh crystal clear for the first time without effects. She has a fantastic voice, similar to Nicole Sherzsinger, which really shines on the chorus that begins just 45 seconds into the track.

A short instrumental follows after the chorus, a beautiful melody played by a trumpet before another verse and bridge, then second chorus. The contrast between verse and chorus is large as it should be for a dance track with the chorus lifting the track every time. The overall sound is very current, similar to other pop-dance artists like Clean Bandit and Avicii. After a sparse third verse there is a short build, then a final chorus to complete the song.

Overall, an excellent remix and production of a very good pop song that should make Vin Dead more well known, brilliantly sung by Myra Maimoh, with huge potential to become both a hit in the clubs as well as on radio due to its highly commercial sound and infectious melody.

Alex Faulkner

Verdict: 8.5 out of 10

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