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This ticket is perfect for all who want to host a Myra Maimoh House Concert within Greater Grand Rapids. With this ticket in your pocket, all you need to do is call to book a date for your house concert. 

Myra Maimoh House Concert Host Ticket

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  • The Motherland House Concert

     “A musical, literary & culinary journey to Africa.”


    Who We Are:


    For people, music venues, schools, churches and colleges who are curious about the African culture, love experiences or adventures and like to host friends, colleagues or students at home or a private venue of their choice, the Motherland House Concert is a house concert that showcases live original African music, spoken word, art and real-life stories from African artists in an intimate and interactive setting.

    Our vision is to bridge the cultural divide between Africans and the rest of the world, while empowering Africans to integrate, fully participate and contribute to growing the economy. We plan on doing this one concert at a time!


    Our services:

    •  Padiman Experience – A Unique, intimate musical experience featuring music & storytelling, in a small group of fewer than 65 people at a venue of your choice. Promotes engagement & interaction between artists and audiences. (Padiman- Friend, in Pidgin)

      Elimu Experience  - Cultural artistry, focused on education. This includes: dance, singing or drumming lessons as well as African history & poetry.  Bringing together African artists and audiences as requested. (Elimu – Knowledge, in Swahili)

      Banin Premium Experience – A house concert that includes a culinary experience of choice foods and wines from around the continent in a 3-course meal. (Banin- a come-together, in Lamnso)



    What makes us unique?

    • We are the only company that showcases a combination of African musicians and poets, different African music genres, real life stories from 3 different African countries in every house concert thereby, painting a real picture of Africa’s diversity.
    • Because of our constantly changing lineup of acts and artists, we ensure a unique experience every single time.
    • We offer a safe space for the audience to interact with the artists, ask questions and to get immersed in Africa’s cultural diversity.
    • We bring African music, art and storytelling into your venue of choice home, private venue or company.



    To book or host a house concert, visit us on our website: www.myramaimoh.com/motherlandhouseconcert


    To buy tickets to upcoming Motherland House Concert, go to our Eventbrite page:


    For other inquiries, reach us via email: info@myramaimoh.com







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