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Book A Myra Maimoh House Concert

Do you want to host a house concert? 

I am currently on a 2020/2021 Motherland House Concerts Tour.

If you live in Canada or the United States and are interested in hosting a show, please send me an email to introduce yourself! (To get to the booking form, scroll down please.)

  • What’s a house concert?

A house concert is when you invite your closest friends, family, coworkers & neighbors to watch me and my musician friends perform a 2-hour show in your cozy space. The minimum required guests are 30 people but more are warmly invited!! The show can be held in your school living room, backyard, patio, garage, sun-room, church, barn, etc. Almost any space will do!! As long as there is enough seating for all your guests, a small power outlet and lots of GOOD VIBES in the air.

  • It is not just a show:

Myra Maimoh house concerts do not just include original and cover songs, but also many stories. On stage, I love to share the reasons and ideas behind particular songs, which makes for an extra immersive experience. For this reason, it’s important that everyone has a place to sit during the show. Whether that’s a mix-mash of chairs that you’ve found throughout the house, asked your guests to bring lawn chairs, or if you’ve rented chairs and a tent for the evening, having enough seating is a key component to a successful House Concert show.

Before, during and after the show, I will be mingling freely with your guests. Chatting, listening and exchanging life experience with audience members is one of my most favorite parts of the House Concert model! There aren’t many opportunities where an audience member gets to interact directly one-on-one with the artist performing. This is an important step of the House Concert process, to keep everyone comfortable, centered and feeling at home.

  • How much does it cost?

The cost of a House Concert depends on where you live, when you’d like to host a show, and how you’d like to show your support!! Each show is different and unique. There are 2 options to choose from that help us get paid as  independent artists performing at a house show:


A. $1500 minimum a show (usually covered by guest donations collected by the host)

B. NO donations = $300 deposit + $1200 at show (host pays in full, no donations required)


A. $1500 minimum a show (usually covered by guest donations collected by the host)


 If you have a special event on a specific day that you’d like us to perform (Gala Event, Wedding, Birthday, Holiday, Fundraiser, Work Parties, etc.) please get in touch. Our performance fees vary in these situations depending on the distance to travel/accommodations/visa/equipment requirements etc.



This semi-refundable deposit acts as a booking fee to lock in your date for the show, and also helps with pre-concert expenses like gas/mileage and visas, for the US to get to YOU! Once we agree on a date for the show, I will be asking you to pay the deposit upfront and sign a contract.

If unforeseen circumstances come up and you are no longer able to host a show, please let me know ASAP to make a cancellation. A refund will be arranged as long as the cancellation was made 4 weeks prior to the start date of the tour. Any cancellations made after the 4-week window will not be refunded.

If a deposit is not something you are comfortable with, but you are certain you can put on a smashing show with a ton of your friends, let’s work something out!

At the end, when it comes down to it, we do not work with a label and are completely fan-funded. 
Also — The fact that you have graciously even considered hosting a show is HUGELY appreciated because it means that you believe in supporting artists like me, who are working to build our own paths in music, one house concert at a time. So yeah… You’re pretty awesome for basically just existing in my world. ✌🏻

How do we ask for donations?

If you are opting for guest donations, it is going to be your responsibility as a host to communicate to your guests the importance of bringing a cash donation for the show. It will also be your responsibility to collect donations at the show. Touring and travel to perform is costly, so it is extremely appreciated when the host communicates openly to guests, and stresses the importance of bringing a donation in exchange for an intimate and powerful performance.

I know it sounds scary, but it doesn’t have to be!

Think of it as an exchange for goods and services.  You are providing a comfortable space and a collection of incredible people to join in this musical experience. After the show, your guests are able to contribute any amount they feel compelled to – and usually they are excited to contribute to the cause!



  • Mention a suggested donation on the invitation

  • Have a tip jar/container that is LABELLED, well lit and VISIBLE to everyone (at the food/drink table is a good spot)

  • During the ‘schmoozing’ hours, mention to the guests where the contribution basket is

  • As you are making an introduction for me to come up on stage, please mention where the donation jar is located.

  • How much should I recommend for donations?

$25 - 40 per person cash contribution is a good amount to recommend to your guests on your invitations. This, in theory, should cover the show guarantee mentioned above in the payment section ➡ If you have 30 ppl @ $30 each = $900.

  • What does the agenda look like?

I will arrive anywhere between one day to two hours prior to show time. It will take me 2 hours to set up my ‘stage’ and merchandise table. When your guests start arriving, I will mingle around and introduce myself to everyone invited. Just before I begin my show, you’ll make an announcement for everyone to refill their drinks & food trays, and use the restroom before the show begins. 10 minutes after that, you’ll come back on the mic to introduce me / how we met / where you first heard my song, where the tip jar is, etc. and then I’ll take it from there! I will entertain your guests for approximately 2 hours, with my stories, songs and a few sprinkles of joy & laughter along the way. 🙂

After the concert you can make a closing announcement, thanking your guests for their attention, and encouraging them to visit my merchandise table and stick around for a while. I’ll visit with your guests some more, selling merchandise, and enjoying the rest of the evening, until I get tired and googly-eyed and need to get to bed!

  • Can I pay your fee in full, so I don’t have to ask for donations?

If you prefer NOT to ask your guests to bring a donation, you can choose to pay me upfront in full. This is something we can discuss as every situation is different, so just get in touch with me via email (myramaimoh@gmail.com) and let’s plan your show!


  • How should I invite all my amazing friends?

Promoting the show will be just like promoting your own house party. You can send emails, call or text or even print out invitations and send them via snail mail! 🐌  I’ve found that events sent personally with a service like PaperlessEvite or even email works better than a Facebook Event, as people often brush off Facebook events since they are so common. If you do plan on making a Facebook event, perhaps consider pairing it with another form of invitation to really get the word out! Also, sending multiple reminders and getting an RSVP before the show will be a significant factor to ensure full attendance!

  • Do you sell merchandise?

We have tons of really cool merchandise to bring to your shows: CDs, Vinyl, custom jewelry and USB sticks to name a few! Additionally, we have our own table set up so the only thing you’ll have to think about is WHERE we can place the table. I like it to be WELL LIT and visible to everyone coming in to the show, so perhaps at the entrance is a good spot.

Please also write about the merchandise on your invitations so that your guests are aware: We will also be selling CDs and merchandise after the concert should you wish to purchase a keepsake from the evening.”

  • Can I invite children or pets?

Bringing children to the show is not recommended, sadly! My shows tend to run more smoothly if there aren’t babies or toddlers running around, as it usually is a distraction for guests and hosts. If you are planning to invite friends or relatives who have small children, perhaps suggest it to be a date night where they get a babysitter and can enjoy themselves throughout the evening, rather than be preoccupied with their little ones. The same goes for pets unfortunately! While it’s ok to have your little fur balls frolicking around before and after the show, during my performance, please keep pets enclosed in a separate area/room so as not to be distracting to guests and hosts.

*** If you have small children of your own and are considering hosting a show, it is fully up to your discretion if you want to host! It IS your home after all!!! And you know your children better than I do. If your kids love music and you believe they will be well behaved during the show, by all means, let’s make it happen!

A suggestion I can recommend if you choose to go with this method, is to hire a babysitter for assistance throughout the evening. I’ve seen some hosts do this, and it takes a lot of distraction and stress off parents during the show, and generally works very well for hosts and all guests invited!


  • Lighting?

Lighting is really important if you’re hosting a show -especially outdoors. Mood lighting / twinkle lights help in every circumstance!!  I even had several hosts light tikki torches near the stage which made for a really cool vibe!

Please try and have some lighting directly on or near me if the show will get into late hours. Get creative! Have some fun!!  Also, please have extra lighting (like a table lamp) that can be placed near my merch table so that people will be able to see when purchasing keepsakes.

  • What if I have to cancel?

Sometimes life happens, and things get in the way. I totally get it! Although it’s a huge bummer not getting a chance to meet you and your awesome friends, it’s OK if you have to cancel. Just please try and give me as much notice as possible! If you are able to cancel the show 4 weeks prior to the start of my tour, your deposit will be refunded in full. If you cancel after the 4-week period has passed, your deposit will be forfeited. This helps on my end to make up a bit of the financial loss that comes from a cancelled show. I have to run my business as any other business would, and I really appreciate your understanding!

If you have ANY other questions, I am just an email (myramaimoh@gmail.com) away!!! I truly can’t wait to meet you and all your awesome family/friends/neighbours and perform in your lovely home! 🙂

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